Manchester United
No. 7 Hospitality Suite, Old Trafford

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Insights
  • Interior Design
  • Production & Installation

We were asked to create an inspiring hospitality environment
which celebrated the clubs legendary No. 7 players.


Understanding the client, where you are, the budget and who the demographic is
were key in shaping the design.

We created an overall brand logo and graphic focal points that resonate with a sense of
club heritage and pride, contributing to the overall consumer experience.

Our illuminated sign and No. 7 wall graphics are proving to be quite the selfie spot!

Our vector-based graphic design enabled us to recreate George Best
the way Old Trafford wanted to remember him.

Having the in-house ability to design, manufacture and install all that
you see, ensured we delivered our brand and design concepts
to the letter!

“As I stand in the No7 and compare your work to others it is obvious you
clearly understood my vision, for the budget we had,
the transformation is amazing”.

Director of Food & Beverage